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Non-Destructive Testing Of Concrete

Epidomos Ltd has a seismic evaluation laboratory for constructions and performs Non-Destructive Testing (non destructive testing - NDT)

• SCHMIDT Hammer Test: Measures the bounce of the hammer (SCHMIDT hammer) and calculates the compressive strength of the concrete.
• Pull off test: pulls off a specific nail, measures the force needed and calculates the  compressive strength of the concrete.
• Ultrasound Test: The calculation of concrete strength by measuring the speed of ultrasound in it.
• Steel Hardness test: measures the hardness of steel

The test results are evaluated while checking for the correct application of the existing structural drawings. If there are no structural drawings, Epidomos Ltd. undertakes to make the geometric mapping of the structure and the restoration of these drawings. Then the static recalculation of the structure is performed based on the Greek earthquake regulations and the regulations of Reinforced Concrete. The result is whether the building complies with these regulations and which deficienciesoccur. The audit is completed with a static reinforcement design in order to overcome the deficiencies or a study of maintenance (when there are no deficiencies).

The above procedure is the ideal solution for accurate estimation of the static strength of any existing structure. Such an assessment is necessary before any kind of repair from earthquake, fire, erosion, aging, fatigue, foundation settling, unstable or poor quality concrete and poor work.

These operations can be applied to homes, business premises, industrial or storage buildings, swimming pools or tanks, traditional buildings and masonry.

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